Chairman’s Message

(PAKISTAN AUTOMOBILE SPARE PART IMPORTER & DEALER ASSOCIATION) is an “A” Class Association of The Federation Of Pakistan Chamber Of Commerce And Industry. PASPIDA (Punjab Circle) Office is situated at Badami Bagh Lahore, which is one of the largest auto parts markets of the world. The PASPIDA is created to facilitate the development of business relationships among companies operating in Pakistan. We do this by working with governments and businesses worldwide to open up markets, establish a level playing field for enterprise, and promote sensible regulation.

What We Do


Many exporter companies providing best services. We will help our customer to get these services from different companies which will help him in an automobile. Automobile industry plays an important role in future. So we will help you and also provide best services of automobile


We aspire to be Number One in providing 360-degree Customer Service and Support to our clients. customer's expectation. Customer satisfaction is important because it provides marketers and business owners with a metric that they can use to manage and improve their businesses.


Importing is not just for those lone footloose adventurer types who survive by their wits and the skin of their teeth. The importer has no specific client base, and he doesn't specialize in any one industry or line of products. Instead, he purchases goods directly from a domestic.